Rorke's Drift Filming Location

A Filming Location Site on the North London/Hertfordshire border is a one-stop destination for all filmmakers.

This Mediterranean style Villa packed with a wealth of shooting spots, studios and a production office all on-site provides everything required to film at one location all under one roof.

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  • Hidden away in an acre of Idyllic countryside the venue provides utmost privacy in a tranquil working environment.
  • Especially equipped to accommodate small to medium sized production companies and businesses.
  • Bespoke fees to suit all budgets at a fraction of London prices.
  • The facilities are adaptable and tailor made to suit all filming requirements.

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The Location

Ideal for filmmakers looking to shoot in rural locations, this stunning villa boasts 3,000 square feet of open plan space for filming any tone and style from English countryside to European and American vibe.

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Four on-site studios for alternative shooting locations

In addition to the Villa there are four on-site studios offering different styles of modern and traditional alternative shooting locations to choose from. Whether the English cottage, the Mediterranean  chalet or the American cabin all the studios are versatile and adapted to requirements.



A network of local Off-site locations and services

We have partnered with local neighbours to provide more shooting locations within a close proximity of the production office. From opulent glamour to barns and farms, from British country manor to American diner, modern or period, animals or props the choices are endless creating a one stop destination for filmmakers.

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Rorkes Drift as a Venue for Hire

This tranquil haven with its elegant interior and beautiful grounds provides a stunning setting for hosting your private events. Impress your guests and clients.

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About Rorkes Drift

Our History is Our Destiny

The history of the Villa and its connection to the battle of Rorke’s drift and the film Zulu

About Rorkes Drift


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