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Rorkes Drift hosts the production of the film “Phantom Warrior”.

An original film written by five time director and writer Savvas. D Michael about a masked female vigilante and immortal soul stars the American actor Dean Cain best known for the role of Clark Kent/Superman, the highly acclaimed English actor and director offstage and screen Steven Berkoff, and Vas Blackwood best known as David Sinclair in Casualty and Rory Breaker in Lock Stock and two Smoking barrels.

Although Berkoff and Cain filmed their parts at a different venue Rorkes Drift hosted Vas Blackwood as well as the majority of the talent including, inter alia, Josh Burdette, Christopher Sciueref and the female lead actress Nicole Bartlett.

Although the film was set in a mythical American county it was hard to believe that the film was shot primarily in the countryside of Hertfordshire.

The filming took 14 days of continuous night shoots to film and inevitably the long and mostly wet nights culminated in some overruns and a very exhausted talent and crew. All the locations at Rorkes Drift were used up for the overruns but with the help of genius script amendments and a collaboration of local neighbours making their houses, props and even horses available to the production company at short notice all the scenes were shot and the film completed bang on schedule.

Suffice it to say it was a great relief to all involved when the director finally called“ it’s a wrap”.


Savvas D. Michael


Savvas D. Michael


Nicole Bartlett
Charlie Rawes
Vas Blackwood
Dean Cain
Steven Berkoff

I have worked twice as a casting director and production manager at Adrianne Roy’s Rorke’s Drift.
We first booked to use one of the rooms for a scene in the film “The Bezonians” but the facilities were so good that we booked it to shoot more scenes in other parts of the house and gardens.
Her hospitality as the host was outstanding and her fees for her hired premises were very reasonable for the entire house and the surrounding grounds.
There was lots of room for parking, she was very accommodating and made the 30 man crew and large cast that used her home feel so welcome.
We were so happy with the service that we used the house for a second time as a location and as the production office for two weeks for the film The Phantom Warrior
I would not hesitate to hire the location from her for filming again

Helen StaffordCasting Director and Production Manager