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Rorkes Drift Hosts Vinnie Jones And Marina Sirtis

The UK film production company Saints & Savages chose Rorkes Drift as one of their location venues to shoot the gangster crime film “The Bezonians”

The producers were first attracted to the 11ft long dining table at Rorkes Drift to shoot a banqueting scene but during the recce they were overwhelmed by what more the villa was able to offer for filming which resulted in them hiring the venue for their production office and for the shooting more of the film’s scenes.

The film was shot in 2020 during the Covid pandemic and health and safety measures and precautions were put in place to fulfil all government guidelines and regulations. The location’s spacious and open plan layout enabled the two metre social distancing rules to be adhered to with ease and masks were worn on set throughout.

The banqueting scene was filmed featuring Marina Sirtis as a gangster’s wife. The delightful Star Trek actress was happy to mingle freely with the cast and crew after spending 10 days in quarantine after travelling from the USA.  She was the life and soul of the party and primarily the reason for a very happy production shoot. It was an honour and a pleasure to host her and will always be a friend of Rorkes Drift.

The lounge was adapted as a murder scene where the assassin “Willard” played by Vinnie Jones, tied up a family and held them hostage. The actor relaxed during shoots in the privacy of the VIP green room and his professionalism on set was unsurpassed. He was a gentleman and a thoroughly lovely chap.

On the way to Rorkes Drift he tweeted “Back on the film set today”

The film is due for release in America November 2021.


Savvas D. Michael


Savvas D. Michael


Marina Sirtis
Vinnie Jones
Kem Hassan

“The Bezonians” Trailer on Youtube

We first came across Rorkes Drift through a recommendation whilst searching for a location to shoot a scene for one of our film productions. During the recce we were so amazed by the space and the vast array of filming spots that we booked the location on the spot for other scenes too and as the production office for our subsequent movie.
The tranquil atmosphere and first class facilities are such that it helps to create, what could normally be a stressful business, into a more calming environment. Most of all we were impressed by the discretion and confidentially of the owners professionalism and her helpful and welcoming personality

John PavlakosProducer