Terms and Conditions for Location Venue Hire and Services


The Owner means Adrianne Roy or representative, partners or agent appointed on her behalf.

The Location Venue means Rorke’s Drift, Bulls Cross Ride, EN7 5HS including the studios, outbuildings and any other locations and partners location and Services supplied by the owner for the purposes of filming or hiring.

The Company means the production company, Institution, Organisation, business or Individual on whose behalf this legally binding Contract is made including their crew, staff, clients, attendees, guests, suppliers third party agents and representatives.

The Agreement means the contract and deal terms between The Owner and the Company.

The Event means the filming, function, conference or occasion, the date of which has been agreed by the parties for The Owner to provide the location and/or Services.

The Booking Period means the day and period of time to hire The Location Venue as agreed between The Owner and the Company

Equipment means theatrical props, appliances, equipment, electricals, furniture, soft furnishings belonging to the Owner, partners or third- parties.


  1. Deposit, Booking Confirmation and Payment Terms

The Owner reserves the right to require a deposit or the fee payment (whichever is agreed by the parties) at the time of the booking to secure the date and confirm the booking (the “deposit”). The Deposit is non – refundable and the balance amount will be payable as specified in The Agreement.

A booking will not be considered confirmed, and no contract exists until The Owner receives the signed Agreement, the cleared full fee payment or the agreed Deposit and a confirmation email has been sent by the Owner.

Bookings times start as per confirmed time in the Agreement.

Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days and the Owner reserves the right not to honour any quotation after the expiry of 30 days.

Bookings for the hire of the Location Venue will be accepted only if the nature of the function is considered appropriate by Owner and reserves the right to refuse a booking or withdraw a booking at any time if (in the opinion of the Owner) it is found to be in appropriate or the Company has misrepresented the purpose of the Booking.


  1. Payment Terms

The Company must make a full balance payment (including any agreed security deposit) on or before 28 working days before booking start time (unless otherwise agreed by the Owner) and failure to do so will result in termination of scheduled shoot or hire without refund or notice.

Time for payment of the amounts due is of the essence and The Owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and any provision of services if the amounts due have not been paid by the due dates.


  1. Booking Changes and Cancellations

The Company can change the booking day and times if it can be transferred to another day and subject to the discretion of the Owner, subject to a RE-BOOKING FEE:

  • 14 days or more notice: NO RE-BOOKING FEE
  • Less than 14 days’ notice: 25% of total booking fee.

The Company can cancel the booking subject to CANCELLATION FEES subject to the discretion of the Owner which depend on notice time provided from the start time of the Booking:

  • Less than 28 days’ notice: 10 % of total booking fee.
  • Less than 14 days’ notice: 25% of total booking fee.
  • Less than 5 day’s notice: 50% of total booking fee.

If the Company changes or cancels the Booking and fees are payable, the fee payment will be invoiced by the Owner in accordance with the terms of clause 4 below.

The Owner reserve the right to alter the rooms of the Location Venue without notice.

The Owner reserves the right to cancel the Booking and any provision of services if the Deposit or the amounts due have not been paid by the due dates


  1. Payment on Invoice

If the Owner invoices the Company for any fees or balances of the booking due the payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

Late payment may result in the Company being charged an administration fee of £25.00 plus 4% of the invoiced amount for each day that the payment is overdue.

The Owner reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts above 30 days at a rate of 4% per annum above the base rate of Bank of England for the time being.

All queries relating to amounts invoiced must be notified in writing to the Owner within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

If the Company fails to make payment of any charges on the due date then, without prejudice to any other rights or remedy available to The Owner, The Owner shall without liability to the Company, be entitled to cancel the provision of the booking Services and charge the Company for any charges outstanding and the cost of recovery thereof.


  1. Set Up and Take down time

The Company must include set up, take down and clean up time within the hours booked, to avoid charges.


The Company must vacate the Location Venue at the end time shown on the Agreement.

If without The Owners pre-written agreement, the Company stay at the Location Venue after the booked departure time, it will be at the Owners discretion to charge the Company an additional fee of £50 per hour or part thereof from the deposit or will be invoiced.


  1. Cleaning & Removal

At the end of the Booking the Company shall ensure that all the rooms used are clean, un-damaged and free from rubbish and that the Location Venue must be left in the state that it was found to avoid additional cleaning charges at the discretion of The Owner.

For events and large shoots with 20+ people, there is a standard cleaning charge of £50-£100 (rate to be agreed prior to booking. The cleaning charge is based on leaving the space in a reasonable state and any additional cleaning charges are taken out of security deposit payments.

Any furniture, equipment or anything which the Company has brought into the venue for the purposes of or in connection with the Event belonging to the Company must be removed at the end of the Booking. Storage is not available at The Venue and any items left by the Company, will be disposed of and the Company may be charged a disposal fee.

The Owner reserves the right to charge £50 (+VAT) per day for storage for items left within the building.

The Owner reserves the right to dispose accordingly of any items left over after 7 days and charge £300 (+VAT) for the disposal.


  1. Number of Crew and Attendees.

The Company must abide by booking requirements agreed in advance for total number of crew and attendees. As rates are dependent on total number attendees, an increase may incur relevant additional charges.

There is a Maximum number of crew and attendees which depend on the room being booked and this is to be advised prior to bookings. The specified maximum must not be exceeded for security and safety reasons and the Owner reserves the right to refuse entry or terminate a booking if the Location venue is at capacity.


  1. Security Deposit

The Owner reserves the right to request a Holding/Security Deposit of Maximum £500 (rate to be agreed prior to booking and is depending on size and nature of the booking). The security deposit will be returned at the end of the booking (minus any deductions due to damage, additional cleaning fee, additional numbers or overtime).

Security deposits are held as security against breach of terms and the full amount will be lost if any stated terms are breached by the Company.


  1. Health and safety

The Company is required to comply with all current health & safety regulations of the Location venue in particular any specific regulations pursuant to the venue as are brought to the Company’s attention by the Owner including fire evacuation procedures.

The Company is required to know the names of the people that are in attendance and provide a role call and attendance list to the Owner if requested.

The Company may not sub-let or assign or further offer to third parties any parts of the Location Venue and is responsible for ensuring that the activities carried-out are lawful with the right certifications (if needed).

In events where physical activity and where food is provided by the Owners agents/partners it is the responsibility of the Company to obtain details of physical, mental, health conditions and dietary allergies.

Whilst all measures are taken to ensure a high standard of health and safety The Location Venue is situated in the countryside and on uneven land and the owners shall not be responsible for any injuries caused by uneven terrain.



The Company must ensure that all minors under the age of 16 are always accompanied by a chaperone. Minors must have parent’s or guardian’s permission to be on the premises, and/or to be photographed or filmed as relevant.


  1. Use of Equipment and Theatrical Props.


Any required Equipment must be requested and added to the Booking in advance to ensure availability. The Owner cannot guarantee the availability of any Equipment or prop where it has not been specifically requested, confirmed and added to the booking (listed in booking confirmation email within inclusive extras section). Any Equipment not requested in advance can be requested during the booking time if available and will be invoiced or taken from the Security deposit if agreed by the Company.

All Equipment used must be returned promptly at the end of the Booking period in the original condition, and the Company is liable for repair or replacement cost for any missing or damaged equipment.

The Company may not (without the written consent of The Owner) remove the Equipment from the Location Venue; modify or alter or tamper with the Equipment in any way; use the Equipment in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer; nor allow the Equipment to be used by any untrained or unauthorised personnel and take extra care of the Equipment that is breakable or fragile.


  1. Breakages, Losses and Damages

The Company is responsible for any breakages, losses or damages caused to the premises or Equipment by the Company, or any other person(s) during the Booking time.

All Equipment used is at the risk of the Company and the Owner shall not be liable to the Company for any loss, damage, expense, or for any consequential loss (including loss of profit) arising out of or in connection with; any damage to or loss of property by the Company or third party; any breakdown, stoppage or failure of the facilities/equipment provided by the Owner

Alterations or additions to the Venue premises or Equipment is not permitted (without prior written consent of the Owner) and must be reinstated to the state that it was found at the end of the Booking period.

The Company must check any Equipment provided by the Owner and must notify The Owner at the time of supply if equipment is damaged or if the condition of the equipment is not acceptable. The Company is responsible for any breakages or damage if the Owner was not notified at the time of supply.

Any repairs required as a result of damage to the premises and/or equipment caused by the Company will be payable by the Company.

The Company is duty-bound to not endanger building, occupants, deteriorate the premises and its contents. Any damage caused by the users to the fabric or furniture of the building, and any breakages, must be paid-for in full.

If any damages are accrued during the event the Company is obligated to inform the Owner of any such damage as soon as practicable and not later than by the end of the Booking Period. The cost/compensation of such damage shall be certified by the Owner whose decision shall be final.


  1. Personal Possessions

The Owner accepts no responsibility for the personal security of the Company, or for any loss or damage to the Company’s personal property either within the building or the grounds.

It is the Company’s responsibility to ensure that their crew, staff, guests, suppliers and agents’ possession are kept safe at all times.


  1. Insurance

The Company must have a valid insurance policy that covers liability of £1m minimum for death or personal injury which specifies the Owner and the Location Venue on the schedule and the Company will provide to the owner a copy of the insurance schedule and policy when requested.


  1. Company Indemnity

The Company shall indemnify the Owner in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Company’s insurance cover for the Film, against any loss or damage to the Location and personal injury or death to any person resulting solely and directly from a negligent act or omission by the Company and/or its agents or employees in connection with the Company’s use of the Location under this Agreement.

All claims for damage and/or injury shall be presented by the Owner in writing to the Company within fourteen (14 ) days of the completion of the work carried out at the Location by the Company in connection with the Film.


  1. Force Majeure

If because of an “event of force majeure” being the interruption of or material interference with the Company’s use of the Location on the dates specified in the Agreement by any event beyond the reasonable control of the Company or the Owner, then the Company shall have the right to use the Location at a later date to be mutually agreed in good faith and/or to extend the period specified in the Agreement , and any such use shall be included in the Fee paid.

For the avoidance of doubt any strike, power cut, storms, water suspension, flooding or the death, disability, disfigurement of key personnel rendering services on the Film shall be deemed to be beyond the Company’s reasonable control.


  1. Termination

The Owner may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect if the Company fails to abide or is found to be in breach of any of the terms and conditions.

The Owner reserves the right to terminate the Event at any time if in the opinion of The Owner, the Company misrepresented the use or purpose of the Event.


  1. Noise and Nuisance

Noise levels inside and outside the Location Venue shall be kept at reasonable levels at all times during the Booking (the levels assessed at the discretion of the Owner whose decision is final)

The noise levels must be minimised to a low and reasonable level after 11pm in order as not to disrupt or cause inconvenience to nearby tenants and neighbours.

The Company must ensure that the crew, attendees and guests do not congregate in the communal areas outside the property or disrupt or cause inconvenience to nearby neighbours during the Event as well as when arriving and leaving.

The Owner reserves the right to turn down or cancel the Event, if, in the opinion of the Owner the Event is too loud and/or causing disturbance to neighbours

The Company will ensure that the Event will not be conducted and that its guests will not behave in a way which will or may constitute a breach of the law or cause a nuisance .

The Owner reserves the right to exclude or eject any persons from the Event, whom it reasonably considers to be objectionable (including any person engaged by the Company and the Company

will be liable for any liability arising thereby and shall indemnify The Owner accordingly.


  1. Littering and Waste Disposal.

The Company must not litter and drop waste on the inside or outside of the Location Venue and must put all litter in specified external bins located outside of the premises. If the external bins are full The Company must not leave refuse outside the bins and are responsible for ensuring outside spaces are kept clean and litter free.

The Company is responsible to take-away any waste bags created by their event and shall not endanger access or egress to the building by placing overflowing waste bags outside the bins, in neighbours’ bins or in the vicinity of the area. Failure to do so will result in the Company being charged a disposal fee of £200. 


  1. Parking

Parking is available on the driveway within the gated entrance of the of the Location Venue. The Company will not have exclusive use of the car park.

Parking is prohibited on the Lane leading up to the Venue unless the Owner gives written consent to the Company prior to the Event to a limited number of vehicles and subject only to The Owners direction on the day of the Event so as to adhere to lane restriction and not to obstruct access to any neighbours’ driveways.


  1. Complaints.

Any problems or complaints must be brought to the Owners attention immediately on the day of the Booking to give the owner the opportunity to rectify the issue.  Any complaints must be sent in writing to Rorkes Drift, Bulls Cross Ride, Hertfordshire EN7 5HS or by email [email protected]  within seven (7) days of the Event. The complaints will be investigated and the Owner has fourteen (14) days to respond to the written complaint.


  1. Prohibitions

Smoking is prohibited inside the Location Venue but smoking is permitted only in allocated smoking areas in the grounds.

Alcohol is prohibited

Betting and Gaming is prohibited.

Naked flames prohibited inside the venue.

No animals are permitted inside the Venue with the expectation of guide dogs.


  1. Variations

These Terms and Conditions are valid at time of booking and are subject to variation. The Company will be notified of any variations prior to booking.


  1. Privacy policy

The Company’s privacy and safety is taken seriously by the Owner and all data and personal information that is provide to the Owner will be used only for the services that the Company requested. It will not be shared, sold or rented out to 3rd parties and will be treated in compliance with privacy laws and regulations.


  1. Applicable Law

The laws of the United Kingdom shall govern all agreements.


  1. Miscellaneous

The Company gives no guarantee that the production of the Film will proceed to completion and the Company is not obliged to include the Location in the Film.

The Owner irrevocably releases the Company from all liability of whatsoever nature arising as a result of the portrayal of the Location in the Film, including any claims in respect of defamation or invasion of privacy or otherwise.

In the event of any breach of the Agreement by the Company, the Owner’s remedy shall be an action at law for damages, if any actually suffered, and the Owner shall not have the right to rescind this Agreement or terminate the rights granted in this Agreement or to enjoin or injunct the Film or the exploitation of the Film or any allied and ancillary rights in the Film.

Last updated – 6th October 2021