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‘The Bezonians’ Film Premier at Leicester Square

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The Bezonians UK Film Premier- Scenes Filmed at Rorkes Drift

What an honour it was to attend the movie premier of The Bezonians at Leicester Square ahead of the films release date on 2nd May.

Scenes from the gangster movie were filmed at Rorkes Drift in 2020. It was great to see the production come to life and impressive to witness how great our filming location looked on the big screen two years later.

Filming Scene

Our Executive Room was the perfect setting for their Banqueting Scene!

The producers were first attracted to our 11ft long dining table where they shot a banqueting scene. During the filming of this scene they were so impressed with the rest of Rorkes Drift they used the villa for more scenes – and even as their production office!


Not only great for filming, our dining table can be used for events & meetings. More information here.

The banqueting scene is included in the official trailer and was filmed in the Executive Room here at Rorkes Drift.

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Greek Actress Marina Sirtis stars in The Bezonians!

The amusing scene featured leading Greek actress Marina Sirtis as a gangster’s wife. She is pictured below at the premier with our very own Adrianne Roy. Adrianne is our fantastic host at Rorkes Drift and a woman of many talents – she also moonlighted as the film’s location manager.

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Martina Sirtis attends the UK premier. Pictured here with Adrianne Roy.

What a pleasure it was to host the cast and crew of The Bezonians at our beautiful and adaptable filming location. It was wonderful to reunite and catch up with everyone again at the UK premier!

For more information and details surrounding The Bezonian film production at Rorkes Drift, please read our article on it here.

“The Bezonians” Trailer on Youtube


Savvas D. Michael


Savvas D. Michael


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